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Eli tässä olisi vastauksia kysymyksiinne. Kiitos todella paljon teille, sillä minulla oli mukavaa lukea niitä ja vastata niihin.
P.s Sori noista ihme väleistä tässä postauksessa, mutta Blogger ei suostunut tekemään mun kanssa yhteistyötä.

Good morning lovelies! In this post, I'm answering to all the questions you've been asking me. I had a pleasure to read all your questions so thank you for that! :)
P.s I'm sorry for the gaps between the questions but unfortunately, Blogger didn't want to cooperate with me.

EDIT. I translate all the questions in english, because some of my readers were requesting it. xx

What blogs do you read?

The blogs that I read daily are 5 inch and up, Thing for the Bling, The Chriselle Factor and Kayture.

Where did you get your inspiration for blogging?
When I was living Paris, I was writing a blog for my friends and family. By the time I moved back to Finland, I wanted to continue on blogging even though I wasn't sure what I was going to blog about.

What's the story behind your blogs name?

My blogs original name was in Finnish, but after seeing traffic from abroad, I wanted to change it. 

When were you born?

12th November.

How many pairs of high heels do you own?
I have no idea...more that 30 I guess.

What kind of people make you sick?
People who you can't rely on. People who are two-faced, backstabbing, jealous and mean.

Is Ville your BFF?
I don't like to compare my friends, but Ville is really important friend. 

Were you sad after dropping out of Finland's got Talent?
Of course I wanted to stay in the competition for longer, but the harsh fact is that FgT is really strict place for singers. 

Are you single?
Yes I am.

What is your favorite band, singer and song?
This is so hard.... Muse is one of the best bands in the WORLD! Adele is an amazing singer and songwriter. And my favorite song at the moment is "All the World" by Fauxliage.

Do you have a good self-esteem?

Kerroit joskus kommettilaatikon puolella, että oot ollu au pairina Ranskassa. Miten päädyit juuri sinne? Minkälaista ranskalainen elämä on? Pitikö sinun itse maksaa jotain kuluja? (tarkoitan lähinnä asumis-, ruoka- ja matkakuluja). 
Oltuani Pariisissa kulttuurimatkalla vuonna 2009, halusin muuttaa sinne lukiosta valmistuttuani. Vuosi Pariisissa oli ehdottomasti yksi elämäni parhaita kokemuksia. Kulut riippuvat perheestä. Kaikki perheet eivät maksa lentomatkoja, mutta asumis-ja ruokakulut tulevat perheeltä. Toki voi olla poikkeuksia, mutta silloin tulisi saada enemmän taskurahaa.

What is the strangest thing that you do?

I can't go to sleep or work before checking that every single electrical equipment. 

When was the last time you were sick more that a week?

I can't remember. In the last 3 years, I haven't been sick for longer than 4 days.

Have you watched Star Wars?
I've watched every single one of them! :) 

What is your favorite breed of dog?
German shepherd!! 
Do you have a big family?
I have a father, mother, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. 

Why did you moved to Paris?
Because I wanted to see the world and be an au pair. 

What is the easiest way to move abroad?
I recommend working as an au pair!

What garment essentials should be in any women's wardrobe?
Jeans, taylored black blazer, LBD, leather jacket and white tee!

What languages do you speak?
Finnish, english, french and swedish.

Do you wear wool socks all the time?
No, but on winter, I wear them 24/7. 

Could you make a video post?
I try to find time for that. :)

Could you imagine yourself living somewhere else than in Helsinki?
I could see myself living in Paris or London. NYC would be a dream place for me!

What dreams do you have?
I want build a successful career.

What kind of style isn't your cup of tea?

Too tight clothes! 

What is your dream job?
Working as a stylist.

What kind of tattoo would you take and where?
I'd take a music note behind my ear.

Do you like pastels?
They are cool and very in this season!

Have you considered on cutting you hair?

Yes, and when I find time, I'll cut them. 

Do you want a relationship?

Nicest area in Helsinki?
Kamppi, Töölö, Punavuori, Kallio and Esplanadi.

Do you have a lot of friends?

I have really good friends and then I wan buddies.

How often do you go out and do drink alcohol?

I rarely go out and I don't like drinking too much of alcohol.

What is your favorite drink?

Sparlking wine and red wine.

Why are you blogging?
Because I love it with the bottom of my heart.

Do you think you've changed after starting blogging?

Very much. And if you check my earliest posts, you'll see the difference.

Are you shy?

No. :D

How has your style changed in few years?

I'm better with pairing different kind of patterns and textures. I also am more brave with mixing bold colors.

What has been the hardest experience in your life?

School-bullying but in the end, it made me the person I am now so in a way I need to thank my bullies! Thank you guys! ;D

Why did you wanted to be an au pair in Paris?

I've always wanted to live there and working as an au pair, made that dream come true! :) 

Moi! En ole seurannut blogiasi alusta asti, niin oon vähän missannut tän Pariisi-jutun. Mitä teit siellä, ja mistä keksit lähteä juuri sinne? Oli varmaan mahtava kokemus?
Olin siellä au pairina, ranskalaisessa perheessä. Pariisi on ollut mulle paikka, jossa olen aina halunnut asua, ja valmistuttuani lukiosta, halusin lähteä sinne. Kokemus oli rahaakin arvokkaampaa, ja sain arvokkaita ystävyyssuhteita luotua.

What are your favorite high heels?
Camilla Skovgaard's hammer stilettos and neon sandals from H&M.

I understood that you've gratuaded from high school? Have you studied after gratuating or are applying for a university?
Yes, I graduated in 2010 and I haven't studied ever since, but next year I'm applying for university. 

What do you want to with you life? Do want earn your money in the fashion industry? What about music?
I want a successful career. I want to work in fashion and music but if I want to devote myself 100% on something, I have to choose between those two. And right now, I'd choose fashion.

If money wasn't a problem, what would you buy?
Everything from Chanel, Alexander Wang, Mert Otsamo, Minni f. Ronya, GDC, Acne ja Katri Niskanen. Well flat in the centre of Helsinki wouldn't be bad either. 

Who is one of your favorite fashion designers?
Mert Otsamo.

What are your favorite fruits?
Pineapple and avokado!

What is your weakness? 

Do you smoke?
Sometimes I smoke a cigar on New Years Eve.

Have you used drugs?

What are you favorite flea markets in Helsinki?
Uff, hietsu, Kaivurin kanuuna ja Valtteri.

What is the best flea market in Paris?
Free 'P Star!

What clothing stores are not your cup of tea?
Vero Moda, Vila, Only and Cubus. They have great clothes but I don't like shopping in them - don't know why.

What makes that blog great?

How often do you exercise?
3-4 times in a week.

What do you eat for snack?
I eat fruits, cottage cheese, unflavored depends on my mood.

Do you speak french?
Oui, je parle français. ;)

What is the best and worst quality in you?
The best is that I'm social and the worst is that I can be really lazy sometimes.

What kind of man attracts you?

Man who is honest, humorous, happy and has a chic style.

Are you jealous person?

No. You have to learn to be happy for others! :)

What's makes the work?

It depends on how you carry it!

Are you picky with food? Do you count your calories?
Don't take this in the wrong way but I do count my calories sometimes.

Do you get invitations because of your blog?

Yes, but don't assume that there are dozens of them. :D The next event where I'm going is Mert Otsamo's fashion show - I can't wait! :) 

How much would you spend on purse or shoes? depends on how motivated I am. I'd spend 800e for bag if it was timeless, made with high quality and black. I'd die for Alexander Wang's Rocco Bag! 

What colors do you avoid?
Bright pink is a big no! 

First of all where did you get the necklace in that picture??!! It's gorgeous
And did you always want to be in fashion? X

It's from the Anna Dello Russo for H&M -collection! :) No, I didn't. When I was a child, I wanted to pursue career on music.

What is your favorite color? 

Are you shy?
No, I'm not.

Who is your favorite actor, movie, singer and band? 
Ah, I have so many! Well Meryl Streep is definitely in the top of my list when it comes to actors. One of my favorite movie is Notebook. Adele is an amazing singer - I love her! And Muse is the best band!

How much do you spend time on blogging? 
I can spend several hours on blogging. It very much depends on how long the one post is. 

What are your favorite fashion bloggers? 
Sandra Hagelstam and Kristina Bazan.

When did you really find your inner style?
I found it in the beginning of year 2011.

What is your backup plan when you don't know what to wear?
Denim on denim! :)

I have been struggling with trying to find my personal style so do you have any tips for me. :) 

I recommend that you go to your local clothing store and ask for help because it's difficult for me to give any tips when I don't know anything about you, I'm sorry. x

The most embarrasing moment of your life/ something that changed your point of view?
One of the most embarrasing moment of my life was when I was living in Paris and I was pretty drunk and all I could remember was me throwing in up in front of Notre Dame. I'm not sure if it was a good idea for me to tell you that. :D 

Do you think you're beautiful?

Who is your favorite fashion designer?
Two of them are Alexander Wang and Mert Otsamo.

What are your favorite clothing stores?
Zara, Filippa K, H&M, Monki and Weekdays.

Where do you get inspiration to outfit?
From the street, bloggers, my mind, music and celebs. 

Are you 100% finnish, because you look so exotic. 
I'm 110% finnish. :)

What is your dream? 
My dream is to succeed in life.

Are you thinking of going back to Paris?
Yes. I love that city so much and I hope that one day I'm able to go back.


  1. I would love to read all of the questions and answer but not all of them in English. :(

    1. I'll translate them after work and gym :) xx

    2. It is now translated! Thank you!

  2. wow. it's so nice to discover and know more about you!

    1. I'm glad to hear that! :) xx

  3. I loved reading this, it tell more about you!
    Thank you for sharing and I hope all your dreams will be reality sometime near.

    1. Thank you Adeola; it was my pleasure! :) xx

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