When I was chosen to be a guest blogger for finnish Cosmopolitan, IsaDora gave me a makeup bag which include their products. If you haven't heard this make up brand before, it's okay because it was new for me too. IsaDora is a Swedish beauty brand that offers premium quality yet affordable make-up products. The brand was launched in 1983 in Sweden, and has rapidly become one of the most successful and fastest growing cosmetics brands internationally.

Picture #1 : Eye Shadow Quartet palettes in Northern Lights and Lynx

Both eyeshadow palettes are really shimmery for my taste, but for night looks, these will be perfect!
The colors are really pretty but I notice that you shouldn't blend the colors too much because otherwise the color will disappear and the only thing that's left is the shimmer.

Picture #2 : Dynamic Lash Growth Mascara and Serum.

These was pretty interesting to me because I've never used a mascara that also makes your lashes longer. The first one with the black cap is a mascara and the silver one is a serum. To have some sort of results, you need to use both of them everyday for 30 days.

Picture #3 : Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Purple de Luxe and lipstick in Coral Punch.

When I first was the lip gloss, I though it would look crazy after applying but actually it gives shimmer and makes your lips look fuller. The lipstick was love at first sight. It feels so smooth and moisturizing and it has become my essential lipstick when I want natural looking lips.

Picture #4 : Cream Mousse Eye Shadow in Galaxy and Glitter Eyeliner in Gold

Haha. When I first saw the eye shadow, I was 100% sure that it was eyeliner. This color turned to look really nice in my eyelids even though I don't wear dark eyeshadow that often. The only con about the eye shadow is the smell : it wasn't pleasant.

I've never owned a golden eyeliner so I was happy to have it now. I think the best place to apply this the inner corners in your eyes.

Picture #5 : Velvet Touch Compact Powder in Medium Beige Mist and B.B Cream - All-in-one make up in Fair

I don't use the powder as a powder because it's little bit too dark for my skin tone; I use it to contour my face. It contours my cheeks, nose, forehead basically everything really well and it doesn't leave strange marks in my face. During the summer, when I'm tanner, I'll use it as a powder.

I was so excited when I saw the bb-cream because I've always wanted to try out new bb-creams and this is definitely the best one that I've used! The color blends perfectly and it matches really well to my neck! The texture feels light but it still hides all the blemishes and overall gives a nice complexion.


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