I just realized that I haven't done an actual playlist on my blog. From now on, I'll do Heidi's playlist every (other) month. I love checking other bloggers playlists, because you can my really cool songs! I hope these songs that I've been listening inspire you!



Hi everyone! I am very excited about this article, or should I say the little nerd inside of me. After collaborating with ASUS Finland (click here to see the post), they wanted me to test drive their Fonepad, which have become my new best friend! Oh boy, a life without this tablet, I can't remember what my life was back then. This Fonepad is so conveying; it's small enough to fit in almost every purse, and because it has a lovely thing called Google Chrome, I can watch my favorite tv shows! It has so many apps that I just love!  Another thing which is pretty cool is that you can actually use it as your phone! :D Haha, I can imagine my conversations with this fellow: 

-Hi, Heidi! How are you?
-I'm great, just talking to my tablet.
-Your tablet? I think you meant your p-h-o-n-e?
-No, tablet. :D

Okayyy...that was pretty weird. Sorry if that wasn't funny at all. Thank god, I'm not comedian...I couldn't pull that off. 

This has become one of my dearest things at the moment. It's so easy to surf in the web, watch youtube videos, write articles, listen to music (thanks to Spotify). There's nothing that I don't like about this fellow, not even the fact that it only has a camera in front. 

One of my favorite things to do, is to wake up in the morning, and watch one episode of Pretty Little Liars (I can't wait for the next episode!). I don't have an addiction to this little fellow (yet), but I'll admit it that it's the first thing I see in the morning, and the last thing before going to bed. It don't want to say goodbye to it...

Overall, this pad is a must have, and it's not even expensive. It's less than 250 euros which in my opinion is really good price! This fellow really keeps you entertained; whether you we're on a bus, train or just killing time. 

Works with 3G or Wifi
Conveying size - not too big or small
Great wide of different applications
Really bright and clear crisp display
Great battery life
Addicting, but in a good way



Hey Loves! I took a small vacation from blogging, and it feels so good to be back! In a moment like this, I wish I had an iPhone, so I could upload pictures to my instagram profile, but for now, I'm stuck with my Nokia N9. Anyways, how was you weekend? Mine wasn't any different from last weekend. My friend had a birthday on Friday, and on Saturday, we celebrated at my friends apartment, where we continued our fiesta to Kappeli, which is a cool stop in the centrum in Helsinki. In the middle of all this, I manage to take these pictures at the harbour. Oh boy, it was a breathtaking moment to see the sun going down. I decided to put my new pumps by Steve Madden. May I say one tiny thing; these shoes are very comfy, but dangerously high! I don't know what was I thinking when i bought them. :D 

On that day, I wasn't in the mood for skirts or dresses, so I put on my White Lies fan shirt (if you haven't hear from this band, why are you still here? Go to on YouTube!). This shirt is special, because I went to listen to WL while I was still living in Paris. Oh, those memories. I don't think I'll ever forget my journey in that city.



Last week, when I was browsing through the sale at Zara's, I saw this bright red knit. The color was so vibrant, energetic and...well..red, so I had to have it. Besides, I've always had this secret obsession to red. 

This week has gone by so fast! Weekend is just around the corner, except mine, because I working until Saturday. No worries, I don't mind it at all; as long as you love your job, it feels like a hobby. And speaking about jobs, my other job aka blogging; I've found great balance between blogging and working at the boutique. It took a while to find a rhythm, but I glad that I manage to find it. Besides blogging, I've found a new inspiration to make more videos to you guys. My new apartment has the perfect light to film videos, and I've already filmed and edited one. Now, I just have to upload it, but meanwhile, go ahead a check my previous videos here. And, don't forget to subscribe, so you'll the one of the first ones to see my newest upload.



While taking these pictures, I realized that we are half way to autumn. The day was little bit chilly (thanks to the wind), but in a way, I didn't mind of it, because for the first time, since I moved to my new apartment, I was able to sleep without having my windows open. Autumn is on its way (if you look some of the pictures closely). 

For this chilly day, I wanted to wear my new pants from (*drum roll) Zara. Yep. That didn't come as surprise. I've noticed that every time, when I want new clothes, I go to Zara. I love Zara, even though, I've noticed that the quality has gone worse. Do you remember these pants? Well, after wearing them just for two days, the pant leg had been discharged open. I was so lazy to go back to the store; looks like, I have to fix it on my own. But anyways, have you noticed the quality issue too? I hope I'm not the only one.



Hey everyone! I'm so excited about something. If you follow SEARCHING FOR THE LBD on Facebook (if not, click here), you may know about that I got to the Bianco Fashion Army. An army, where 60 fashion officers from Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, are doing close collaboration with Bianco. I had a lot believe in myself, but I never though I would get this far! I'm so excited about this, and I can wait to see what this brings to me. 

As quote says; anything can happen.



Happy Monday everyone! I hope your weekend was great! Mine was delightful; we were celebrating my friends "forever 21" birthday, and oh boy, I got to tell you; it was so nice to dance like maniac! I can't remember when I danced the night away. My Sunday was all about me – haha that sounded so narcissistic. :D Everybody wants to be alone sometimes, and I love being at home; whether I'm cleaning, reading, blogging, browsing the interesting world of Youtube or watching Pretty Little Liars, it makes me relaxed and happy. 

Most of finnish viewers know this crazy obsession that we bloggers have; Nelly.com (just kidding folks). I decided to take my time to explore the sale rack, because I heard that you get -20% off from the clothes that are already on sale! Yep! That's pretty good bargain. So, to save your precious little time, here's what I found. I know most of the items are for fall and winter, but we all know that summer is almost over (sorry for mentioning that), so it's that we started with new clothes! Of course you can wear the items on summer too when the weather isn't on our side. 


|TURTLENECK| 5 inch and up
|DRESS| 5 inch and up



Hay Stand Loop Hall clothing rack from Zarro.

Hey Loves! Guess what? I've finally cleaned my house from everything that I won't be needing. It feels so nice to come home and just enjoy the fact that I have a apartment that makes me happy. Since I've moved to "better place", I've become more passioned about decor. For me, atmosphere is very important, because I do want to feel relaxed at home. The apartment I lived before, had low ceiling and window, which made me sometimes very anxious. I loved my old apartment, but let's just say that light is the key. 

I haven't got in the details yet, but I did have something here that I really wanted to show you as a sneak peek. I can't tell you when will I reveal the whole apartment, but I hope these pictures will give you some sort of idea where I am living. 

In the clothing rack, the first four pieces are new clothes from Zara (what a surprise!). Everything, except the light trousers that you can barely see, were on sale. I can't wait to show them in action! :) xx

 All that I need to have a great face...
My own fireplace!
The chandelier isn't mine. I'm looking for the one...
 Fruits are the best!
My closet.
When I need inspiration.
 A little peek to my shoebox tower.



Since recently, I've really got to know more about Zalando.fi. I decided to dedicate my afternoon browsing through all the clothes that were on sale. I found pretty amazing clothes for fall and winter. I know, I know. Why am I buying clothes for winter in the middle of summer? Well, we all know that winter is coming later this year, so I better start that with new clothes, right? 

May I say that clothes from the Zalando Collection were ah-mazing! I am pretty shocked that almost every garment in this collage is by Zalando. Well, can you guess which clothes found their way to the shopping basket? 




Mainitsin aikaisemmassa postauksessa himoni neon kaulakoruihin. Muisitin käyneeni eilen H&M, ja tämä kaulakoru löytyi sieltä. Se ei ole identtinen siihen kaulakoruun minkä halaun (yhteydenottoa odetetaan ;) ), mutta se kelpaa vallanmainiosti. 

As I mentioned, I love neon necklaces especially this one, which I don't have (I am waiting your contacting;) ). Yesterday, I went to H&M and I found this necklace (below) which isn't similar to the one that I want but I still love it. 



Giuseppe Zanotti shoes are so comfortable!
I can't believe how long it has been since my last goodies post! I love showing you the stuff that I've been using lately – and reading your comments, and seeing you liking these kind of articles, makes me really happy! I truly hope that there is something you like to try out! :) 

Over the past few months, I've been using so many products, and there are few products that I've actually re-purchased! I hope that you like all the stuff you see, and if you have any question about the products; please let me know. :) 

I love M.A.C lipsticks. These are my latest purchased.



Happy Tuesday everyone! How are you guys doing? I'm doing great! Yesterday, around 4AM, I arrived to Helsinki. Why's that? Well, we decided to leave Joensuu around 11PM, which isn't the best time to drive 280 miles. It was really hard for me to sleep in the backseat of my sisters car, but luckily, I managed to sleep five hours in my own bed. 

Since I moved to my new apartment, I've been super excited about everything. It's just amazing to wake up in the morning, knowing that you'll walking to work. I never liked taking the bus to work – I always preferred walking. Yesterday was a great start for the week: the weather was amazing, and everything we super smoothly at work. I've came to realize that I am really happy with my life, although there are something missing in my life...like a boyfrie...but it's okay. I am sure my Prince Charming is waiting for me somewhere. 



Hi Loves! Here I am, in Eastern Finland, having a great time with my family. It's always wonderful to come back home! I love being here, because I can forget everything for a minute and just focus on being here. Today, you'll find me  swimming and relaxing in sauna, and tomorrow, we're celebrating my little brother's confirmation. 

Today, I wanted to wear something that was down to earth. The clothes were inspired by the movie called The Great Gatsby. When I saw that movie, I just wanted to find a loose, comfy pants, and tailored blazer. This look is masculine, which is the reason why I wore my super fancy Giuseppe Zanotti sandals. 



Hey Loves! Sorry for my absent – I have the perfect excuse why I haven't been here. Well, I moved to my new apartment in centrum of Helsinki! It's pretty crazy to wake up every morning and think this place is my home. I can't wait to post a little room tour for you guys, but until then, let me show you what I wore yesterday. 

A simple A-line skirt, and silk top is the perfect choice for hot day. This look is so simple, but thanks to my beloved neon sandals from H&M, this outfit stands out. 

Top Diane Von Furstenberg (similar) Pleather Skirt Chicwish (same) & (similarSandals H&M (similar) Necklace Glitter (similar)