Hey everybody! This weekend is packed with many events and things to do. One of the high lights of this week, has been the Helsinki Fashion Weekend, which is by far the biggest fashion event that we've had in Finland! It's was so great to see that people have invested lot of money for something so great and refreshing! We should have more events like this every year - let's keep our fingers crossed. Overall, the night was great, and I had lot of fun! 

I was there with my dear friends, Olja and Petra, whom are two amazing women that I feel so privileged to be friends with! Olja (girl with a Chanel bag) gave her baby Chanel to me for this special occasion. While I was carrying her Chanel, it made me want to buy my own one so badly! I'm saving money for a bag, which I'll buy for myself as a Christmas present, but unfortunately, it's not Chanel. 



Hi everyone! Sorry for not posting anything yesterday, but my DSLR deleted everything except one photo from my memory card. I was so sad, because the light and everything was perfect! 

Yesterday, I went to see what Zara had in the stores, and I saw this really cool shorts which looks like really short skirt in the front. I'm sure you've seen these kind of short everywhere! I remember when Zara had these in different colors, I just couldn't imagine myself wearing them, but these were so much more me! I just love how masculine they look, and the stripes really balances my middle section. Unfortunately, God gave me a bottom, which I've been trying to get smaller but somehow, my workout hasn't pay off yet. 

Overall, I liked this outfit very much, and oh boy, I can't wear these shorts with tights! I wish summer would just go away and we could start enjoy autumn. Yep, I said it. I want to say goodbye to summer. Hopefully I'm not the only one who thinks that way.



Hi everyone! Wow! Last week was such a roller coaster - I didn't have any time to blog! But don't worry guys. Last week, I finally bought myself an iPhone 5. I'm so happy that I finally have the phone that I've been wanting for last three years. I was about to buy the iPhone 4S, but my friends told me to go for the five.

Anyways, because I am not always here, you can follow me on Instagram from now on! I'm so happy about this! I've become so addicted about this app! So now, click here, and make sure you follow me on Instagram, because I post lot of pictures which won't be seen here. I may do those so called Instaweek posts that many bloggers do nowadays, but don't think that I'll post all of my instapics here. 



I'm so sad! It's so hard to take pictures after saying goodbye to Canon EOS 5D Mark II. I was about to buy it, but after returning it, somebody bought it. Oh WHY!? Well, guess I have stuck with my old DSLR for a while until I manage to get my MARK. I seriously need him in my life. I never thought, not even in million years that I'd invest hundreds or euros on camera equipments. I guess this what blogging does. How was you weekend? Mine was so much fun! I was out on Friday and Saturday, but I must say Saturday was more fun, because I got to know other blogger like Senja and Enni on a blog event. After the event, me, Senja and our two friends continue out journey to Kappeli, where in one point I totally lost my girls, but somehow, I found myself spending rest of the night with Sandra and her friends.

My outfit on last Sunday was...well...not my first choice. I was out the door, wearing my blouse and boyfriend jeans when all the sudden, the sun came. I had to go chance because it was the weather so hot, but I had no clue what to wear. I do like the outfit, but I was really looking forward to wear my jeans. :D 



Hey guys! I hope your week has been great so far! One of my readers on Youtube, tagged me to the so called FASHION TAG which has been around many years. I was excited to make this video, because I love making videos and talk to you guys! I hope you guys like this video, and if you want to see more, don't forget to subscribe on my channel so you get all my new videos on your news feed! :) 



 photo _MG_9582_zps734a8103.jpg

Hey all! First of all, let me start thanking a lovely blogger Iina from MouMou, who linked my video where I played the song Cups from the movie, Pitch Perfect, on her blog. Thank you Iina so much for putting a huuuuge smile on my face. :)

Yesterday, I had a lot of things to do; after work, I met my friend Ville who also took my yesterdays outfit pictures. After seeing him, I started cleaning my apartment like a maniac, because I was leaving for Joensuu on the next day. Around 1AM, a thunderstorm began, which was the coolest thing ever. I don't know if this sounds weird to you, but I love thunderstorms. When I was a kid, I read books about storms and tornados. One of my dreams was to see a tornado in real life. Anyways, I sat by the window for an hour, watching how the sky was having a party of its own. 

These past few days have been so hot! Wearing shorts and skirts is the thing at the moment – I literally couldn't imagine myself wearing jeans. By far the best indie design store, Chicwish wanted send me some goodies from their collection. This skirt really caught my eye – the shape and the colors just hypnotized me! Another thing I really love about this skirt is that you don't have you worry about the showing too much, because it has shorts inside! Usually I don't like to wear too much of colors, so let's just say that this was an exception. ;) 

 photo _MG_9698_zpsa6bc5926.jpg



Hmm...not sure if you've noticed a little change in the banner. My blog name is still what it is, but for the banner, I wanted some change. What you guys think about? 

Anyways, sorry guys that I haven't been here for days, but I had a busy moment in my life... okay okay...I was just little bit lazy. As much as I love blogging, sometime it's nice to just chill and not think about anything. My summer has been around my job, which is okay because I love my job, but because I'm working a lot, plus blogging and other projects (stay tune for those), I've wanted to enjoy the amazing weather. For the past few days, I've been eating, exercising, watching some of my favorite television programs on online and many other things. 
In this article, I want to share my current lovings! 



Last night, a group of people were celebrating the BikBok x Mary-Kate Olsen & Ashley Olsen collaboration. I was super thrilled to see the clothes they had designed for BikBok. One thing that made really impressed was the fact that the Olsen's were there, designing every thing from A to Z. Another thing that made me excited was that they have designed not one but three collection! Oh my God!  
I'm so afraid what's going to happen to my wallet - I need to make clear decisions! 

I had so much fun! I got to know other fashion bloggers, and it was so nice to get to know more about them! One fashion blogger that you may notice from a picture above, Sandra from 5 inch and up was also there with her sister, Steffi. It was great to see them! 

Suomessa asuville tiedoksi, että blogikirppistä on luvassa viikonloppuna. Stay tuned! 



Last week, I threw a challenge on my personal Facebook profile, where I asked from my friends if they wanted me to do the "Cups (When I'm Gone)" -song from the movie Pitch Perfect. In three days, I manage to do it! I decided to show this clip to you guys too, and if you haven't heard about this song, check the original one here

People have asked me to do videos where I sing, but I haven't been brave enough to do those. After doing this video, I realized how much I being in front of camera and perform – haha that sounded so narcissistic, but it's true! Since I was a kid, I loved to sing, dance and act! My biggest dream was to become a triple threat aka singer, singer and actor. :D Well, it hasn't happen yet, but who knows maybe one day it will. ;) If you have any request on songs you would like to hear, let me know! :) xx