After a week or 168 hours, or 10 080 (!!!) minutes, or 604 800 seconds for not updating  my blog, it feels like I haven't been here forever! I actually got sick last week, or well, I wasn't "sick sick", but I wasn't feeling well enough for blogging. This time of the year hasn't been kind to me -- I haven't been at the gym for over a week, which sucks because I love working out but I when you are not feeling well, you should do your best to make it go away and that doesn't include working your butt off at the gym. I hope I get to go there anytime soon, otherwise I'll loose it. When something is so part of your day routine, it feels terrible to skip it. 

I've been seriously considering getting a new camera. I love my Canon 600D very much, but somehow it doesn't deliver the quality that I need. This time of the year is awful for any blogger who has to fight against the time. Whenever I have the time for outfit pictures, the camera makes the pictures threatful -- if you know about these kinds of things, you know what I mean by looking the pictures. I know the quality isn't that bad, but when you love something so much, you want to deliver great content, which included amazing pictures. 

What cameras are you using? I've been thinking about Canon EOS 6D and Mark II -- Mark III would be perfection, but there's something wrong about the price tag. :D From those two, 6D would be better option, but what you guys think, and let me know what you are using! :) 

Have an amazing day, my Loves! 


  1. Fabulous coat and boots!


  2. amazing ;-)

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  3. Love this outfit! Perfect coat and boots combo ! ♥

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  4. Gorgeous look! Love the coat and boots :)

    Happy New Year xx,
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    1. Thanks! Happy New Year! :) xx


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