On the day when we went to Christmas church with my family, it was a beautiful, sunny day. I wanted to wear colors that were down to earth. My skirt from Zara just has the gorgeous Pucci-ish effect which makes the outfit so polished and chic. My mother was a rock star while taking these pictures since it was so cold outside.



I was so excited that the day before Christmas, we were lucky to have lot of snow on the ground. Snow for me is the key when it comes to Christmas or winter. It is sad because of the global warming, winter has been really snowless in Finland. When it comes winter, my outwear is all about faux fur or very chunky coats. This faux fur coat is one of my favorites, and if I had to choose one coat for winter, this would be it. I also love pairing my faux fur hat since it matches really well with the coat. 

Now that I have my beloved Alma, I feel like my every outfit looks more luxurious and effortless. I love it more and more everyday. It is crazy how one bag can make a huge difference on your outfits. 



Hey guys! Just wanted to come and say merry Christmas to you all! I hope you all will have an amazing time with your family, friends and loved ones. I am just about to go eat some traditional Christmas food so I can't write too long article for you guys. Today is the day when browsing online isn't your priority. Now it's time to enjoy the company of your family and cherish that you are all gathered together.

Halusin tulla toivottelemaan hyvää Joulua kaikille. Mie toivon että jokainen siellä viettää Joulua hyvillä mielin perheen voimin. Mie olen juuri menossa syömään jouluruokaa, en siis todellakaan malta odottaa että saan ahdattua masuni täyteen ruokaa. Jihuu! Nyt on aika nauttia perheen seurasta eikä surffailla koneella. Tämän enempää en kirjoitakaan sillä haluan nauttia hetkistä joita voimme perheenä pitää. 



I wash my hair every third-fourth day. Yes, for some of you, it may sound gross but my hair doesn't get oily so fast. How I make sure it won't, is thanks to this baby here, the dry shampoo. This future hubby (yes, I am in love with him), is a dry shampoo like no other. It really keeps my hair fresh even after three days of washing my hair. Just to be clear, I was my skin every other day but hair is different. :D Let me know what dry shampoos you are using!




Sorry for that I haven't been posting any outfit pictures for a while. I have been busy, my friends have been busy so it has been hard to take any outfit pictures but I won't stress about it since so many bloggers struggle with the same situation. After girls night out on last Saturday, my friend was so kind and lovely to take some outfit pictures of me on Sunday. It was her first time using DSLR and I am seriously so proud of her! I had to take my Alma for a walk because it was a pretty day outside. Spending time in sunlight or any other weather than cold rain, is luxury since we don't get any daylight really because it get dark so quickly. 



I am so excited and proud at the same time. My first ever Louis Vuitton bag. The bag that I have wanted for four years. I must say, spending money on luxury bags isn't my cup of tea. Something that costs more than someones paycheck doesn't just happen fall in your hands with a snap of a finger. 

Let me introduce her. Her name is Alma. She is in size PM vernis leather. The color is amarante. She is pre owned but used only ten times which is fine by me, since I saved a lot of money. I think bags that are pre owned, can be more fascinating because they have had a different adventure before their new owner. I know that people say that you should go and by your first luxury bag from the boutique so you get the full experience.

You know what I say? I don't care. If I can save money and spend that on something else, of course I will buy it pre owned!! I took it to Louis Vuitton in Helsinki and the congratulated me for having this bag for such a good price because you can barely see if the bag is used or not. 



Okay. Let's just say that Christmas came early for me. 
I let you guess what Louis Vuitton I bought.



I totally forgot to share my outfit that I wore on November. This is what happens if you don't clean your Macbook on every other day. Me and my friend Ronya were excited to have a beautiful sunset for this pictures. It was a pretty cold day but thanks to really thick stockings and long coat, I manage to survive in this outfit. I usually don't wear so girly outfits but for the sake that it was my birthday, I though it would be fun to try something new.

Olen unohtanut jakaa teille asukuvat marraskuun puolelta. Näin siinä käy jos Macbookia ei jaksa siivota. Mie ja minun ystävä Ronya, olimme iloisia että saimme näihin kuviin käytettyä auringonlaskua. Varsinkin kaamosaikaan, tällaiset kuvat ovat harvinaista herkkua. Tuo päivä oli aika viileä päivä mutta paksut sukkahousut ja takki pelasti meikäläisen jäätymiseltä. En tiedä miksi päädyin moiseen asuun – harvemmin tulee laitettua näin tyttömäistä päälle. Ehkä syntymäpäiväni oli tarpeeksi hyvä syy uuden hameen fiilistelyyn. 



I need to have a moment for these shoes. For the longest time, I have been a huge fan of Alexander Wang. When I found out that H&M was teaming up with Wang, I was so excited. When I saw the lookbook for the collection, these shoes were on my mind. These shoes reminds me of Wang's Freja boots, boots that I wanted to own but were sold out in 0,000001 seconds. I am so happy that now I have shoes that remind me of Freja boots. 

Wang. Mitä siihen sanoa? Olen ollut Alexander Wangin suuri fani jo neljän vuoden ajan. Muistan se kuin eilisen kun Wangin Freja bootsit tuli markkinoille ja ne myytiin loppuun 0,000001 sekunnissa. Kun kuulin että H&M aikoi tehdä malliston Wangin kanssa, hyvä ettei mun sydän tippunut sillä tiesin että tulisimme näkemään jotain ainutlaatuista. Siinä vaiheessa kun näin lookbookin, tiesin että halusin kengät jotka muistuttivat minua Freja bootseista.



Last week, I went to a blogger meeting at Ur&Penn store where we got a chance to choose something to take home. I have been a huge fan of phone cases. This phone case is my current one that I am obsessed about!! I also picked some earrings because I have started to use them more often, thanks to these.

Kävin viime viikolla Ur&Penn liikkeen bloggaajatapahtumassa jossa saatiin iloksemme valita hieman kotiin vietävää. Meikäläisellä on ollut suuri riippuvaisuus puhelinkuoriin sillä niillä saa uutta eloa puhelimen käyttöön. Olen myös alkanut näiden korviksien myötä käyttämään enemmän korviksia sillä niillä on helppo saada asuun pientä särmää.



Hahaa! I was so interested to hear your opinion about the Crocs! Some people were surpised how Crocs actually managed to make shoes look great and others were just confused. I am still excited about these shoes and I highly recommend them because they really do great things for your feet.

I wanted to wear the shoes with something very casual and paid back. Because the shoes are sporty and casual, I paired blue jeans, grey shirt and my favorite coat at the moment to make the outfit complete. Of course I had to wear my new Rebecca Minkoff bag with the outfit, it really just add the perfect touch to the outfit.



Okay folks. I had to show you these shoes from a brand that I never though I would wear. Crocs. Yes, Crocs. I can't believe that they came up a pair of shoes that are seriously the most comfortable shoes you can imagine. I could literally wear these shoes for the rest of my life, and you know what? My toes aren't freezing while wearing these shoes outside. These shoes are like mix of Vans and Nike, don't you think? This shoes flexes, stretches and fits perfectly! I must say, this is definitely the first time when I am proud to say that I am wearing Crocs. 

Okei. Mun oli pakko tehdä tämä postaus sillä yllätyin suuresti että Crocs on valmistanut nämä loaferit. Jep, Crocs! Mä muistan vannoneeni etten koskaan pukisi kumisandaaleja jalkoihini, mutta he keksivätkin maailman mukavimmat loaferit mitä olen koskaan käyttänyt. Ja arvatkaapas mitä? Meikäläisen varpaat eivät ole jäänyneet ulkona näitä käyttäessä?!?!? Nämä loaferit antaa periksi ja sopivat jalkaani täydellisesti. Nämä ovat kuin miksaus Vansin ja Niken tuotantoa, vai mitä? Voin myöntää tässä ja heti, että olen ylpeä näistä kengistä!




Hi folks! What a weekend may I say? The wedding was so beautiful! It was really private party, only closest people were celebrating their marriage. I felt really privileged to be there and witnessing their love for each other. On Sunday, I just wanted to stay at home and do absolutely nothing. I slept till 12pm and then I started cleaning my apartment and singing along to Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez.

Do you guys remember my M.A.C purse? Well, it wasn't the only bag I ordered from Shopbop. This little, grey purse of happiness is Quilted Affair mini, which by the way is the cutest bag ever. It has a nice Chanel-ish vibe with Rebecca Minkoff's vision for her bags. I wanted to have a sort grey bag since I believe that grey just goes well with everything. I have been using this a lot and because this and the another bag have two different personalities, it is nice to mix the bag because they bring the outfits alive totally different ways.



Hi folks! I have been super busy and today is not any different. Today is my dear friend's wedding which I'll be shooting with another photographer. I am all excited and happy at the moment. Because I have had no time for bigger article, I wanted you to guys know that the discount code for Daniel Wellington watches is still valid but only today and remember so if you haven't used it yet, do it during the weekend.



Hi guys! Please forgive me for making an article that has lot of content but I try to keep it short and simple. I really wanted to share my skin care routine which works for me during winter. I have to use different products during winter and summer, otherwise my skin would be miserable. It is so important to invest in skin care products because what's the point with the make up if your skin is breaking out and damaged. I rather have healthy looking skin than covering my face with tons of makeup. If you don't know what your skin type is, go to your local Kiehl's skin care boutique, they have a quick way to make sure what your skin type is. It is important to use products that are for your skin type, because something that works for me, may not work for you.



Hi guys! Oh my what a weekend I had! Just relaxing by the candlelight and enjoying some free time. I have so much appreciation for the weekends since my weekdays are so scheduled that I feel like during weekends, I just want to build a castle on my bed and stay there for 48 hours. How do you guys spend your weekend? Do you guys like going out or just open a jar or Ben & Jerry's, and just chill in bed throughout the whole day? I can't rememeber when was the last time that I actually went out and stay out till 4am. 



Hi guys! After getting my M.A.C bag by Rebecca Minkoff, I had to take it for a ride. The bag is so wonderful and I can't put it in words on how happy I am that I have a bag that pretty much has attitude and edge. With the bag, I wanted to wear something super casual but still interesting. It is pretty chilly in Finland so bare feet are not so great idea – only if you want to catch a cold. I paired my new pleather shorts from Zara which I haven't worn by the way. The color and the shape is perfect for any season. I was super excited to find these at Zara since they didn't cost me a fortune. Sometimes Zara overprices their clothes so I was happy to find these for less than 30 euros. With the shorts, I worn my wool knit and camel brown coat from Mango. Because I wanted to keep my feet warm, I took my high boots for a walk which actually match perfectly with this outfit. 



Hi Loves! I am so excited to show you a bag that I have been craving for too long. I know this bag has gone so popular in the bloggers scenes but who cares if the bag is timeless, chic and versatile. If you aren't familiar with this bag, then you must be living under a rock (okay, bad joke, I know). This bag is called M.A.C (Morning Afternoon Clutch). This is the mini version aka the most popular from the sizes that are available. I am so happy that now I have a bag that I can use when I go out. If you saw my glittery clutch in here, I have used it every time when I go out. It doesn't fit much stuff and it's not save to wear it on your shoulder because the strap is so fragile. This bag has it all and it can be worn in many different ways like cross-body, doubled, fanny bag or as a clutch (obviously without the strap).

I ordered this bag from Shopbop.com and I was so pleased how fast the delivered this (less than three days). If you live in Europe, you have to pay taxes but they really depend on the weight of the package. If you live other side of Atlantic, ordering from Shopbop is a lot easier. 

I will be doing a review on this bag later on since I have had it only couple of weeks.



Hi Loves! I decided to have a break from the computer for the weekend since I tend to use it every single day. Sometimes you need to have break from it and live a bit. I had so much fun during my weekend. I still can't believe that I am 23 years old! 23 is my lucky number so this is the year when I am  going closer to my dreams and making them come true. 

I am so excited to share this article with you! Last week you already saw a sneak peek from the campaign which I was talking about but today is the day when it all happens. Lumi Accessories asked me to part of their campaign where eight bloggers from Finland got to choose one from the fall collection and shoot it with an outfit of their choice. My choice was this gorgeous muted colored bag which I unfortunately couldn't keep for myself. BUT! Me and you have the chance to get this beautiful piece of fashion with simple rules. 

1. Log in your Facebook.
2. Find my picture and like it.

Yes. So simple. Now the most important part: The picture with most likes wins which means that the winning blogger and one of the voters will be getting this particular bag. I am telling you – this bag is just unbelievable! 



Thank you guys so much for your birthday wishes! I was so happy reading them! 

Aaah, I love the feeling when you get something new to your home. It's just feels so good. Many weeks back I was at the Gant Home press meeting, and I was more than glad to see that I got a chance to pick up a face towel of my choice with a hand wash. What a good timing -- I use hand wash maybe too often so I need to buy it constantly. Let's hope this size of hand wash will last for long time. I am not using hand wash only for washing my hands -- not saying that I am afraid of bacterias. I love using it for something else too. I like filling up the sink with hot water and add some hand wash to make some bubbles. Then I just leave my hands in the hot water for couple of minutes. Especially now that it's cold outside, is nice to come home and do that right away. The feeling is so pleasant for your hands but also for your mind.



I can't believe that I am even saying it aloud but today, 23 years ago, thanks to beautiful mother,  I was born to this earth. Time has flown by so fast, which also scares me. There are many dreams of mine that I am determined to achieve. We only live once, so why not live it fullest? I can't believe that I am 23 -- not saying that I am old or anything, it's just a number that I haven't got to know so well. This day is extremely special for me because today, on the 12th of November, my fashion icon, my inspiration in life, an Oscar winning Hollygood actress and later the Princess of Monaco, Grace Patricia Kelly was born. 

Me and my mother have been huge fans of Grace Kelly for long time. My mother loved her ever since she was a teenager and when I was born I started watching films with Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn, I knew right away that performing something I want to do with my life. It's kind of funny how my mother, after all these years, didn't even realized that me and Grace Kelly were born on the day. She knew it only when I bought a book of Grace Kelly as a Christmas present to her and when we read the basic info, we both were so happy and excited since we both loved her so much. I still watch her movies. She was amazing. 

Another thing that I want to say is that I was so happy and honored to be part of a campaign by Finnish fashion brand, Lumi Accessories. They selected bloggers from Finland to showcase their fall collection. I picked this gorgeous burgundy colored bag named Irina which for me, is the perfect example what shoulder bag should be. Timeless, simple and also great for your wallet. I will talk about this brand later in the future but now I want to let you know that you have the chance to win this gorgeous bag. I will be posting a lot more pictures later so you can really see how amazing this bag truly is. I'll let you know when the campaign starts.

En voi uskoa että tänään, kaunis äitini, synnytti minut tähän maailmaan. Aika on kulunut nopeasti mikä samalla pelottaa minua. Minulla on monia unelmia toteuttamatta jotka päättäväisesti haluan toteuttaa. Jos elämme vain kerran, miksi emme voi elää sen täysillä? On outoa sanoa tästä päivästä lähtien että olen 23-vuotias – vasta äskenhän mien täytin 18 vuotta. En tarkoita sitä että valitan siitä että olen jotenkin vanha. Ei ei ei. 23 on luku johon en ole päässyt vielä tutustumaan niin hyvin. Tämä päivä muuten ei ole vain myös minun juhlapäivä (yllätyspyllätys), nimittäin muoti-ikonini, elämäni inspiraatio, Oscarin voittanut näyttelijär ja myöhemmin Monacon Prinsessa, Grace Patricia Kellyn syntyi myös kyseisenä päivänä.

Minä ja äitini olemme olleet yksiä suurimpia Grace Kellyn faneja vuosien ajan. Äitini on ollu ihailija ihan nuoresta tytöstä asti. Äidilläni on useita kansioita joihin hän on kerännyt kuvia Grace Kellystä ihan näyttelijäurasta siihen kun hänestä kruunattiin Monacon Prinsessa. Kun synnyin, sain nopeasti kuullakin tästä upeasta näyttelijättärestä joka valitettavasti kuoli ennen kuin kerkesin syntyä. Katsoin kaikki hänen elokuvansa ja siitä lähtien, halusin olla kuin hän. Hassua ettei äitini ollut tajunnut meidän syntyneet samana päivänä. Vasta silloin kun ostin Grace Kellyn elämäntarinan, tajusimme sen. Äiti oli niin iloinen ja sanoi että jos olisi teini-ikäisenä tiennyt että synnyttäisi lapsen samana päivänä kuin hänen ikoninsa, ei hän olisi sitä uskonut. 

Toinen asia jonka haluaa jakaa kanssanne liittyy vahvasti yllä olevaan kuvaan. Sain tiedon että suomalainen muotibrändi, Lumi Accessories halusi minut heidän kampanjaansa johon he valitsivat joukon suomalaisia bloggaajia. Olin todella otettu siitä että minut haluttiin kampanjaan jossa suomalainen suunnittelu on vahvassa roolissa. Valitsin heidän syksyn mallistostaan kauniin viininpunaisen ja violetin sävymaailmassa risteytyvän Irina laukun jossa kiteytyy sana täydellinen olkalaukku; ajaton, kaunis, suomalainen. Aion kertoa tästä laukusta ja brändistä myöhemmin lisää mutta nyt haluan kertoa teille miten teillä on mahdollisuus voittaa tämä kyseinen laukku, mutta siitä lisää ensi viikolla. 



I noticed while browsing my pictures that I haven't shared my gala outfit that I wore for Indiedays Blog Awards couple of weeks ago. I didn't have anything to wear since I rather stay at home than go out. One of my favorite stores, Leni, was so wonderful for lent me pieces from their store. This beautiful outfit, which has vest and an amazing pair of flared pants from Julja. I was so excited about the fact how talented and driven we have in Finland that truly deserves an international breakthrough in the fashion industry. If you want to see more clothes from Julja, go to here



I am so excited to use my new camera! Taking pictures feels so fresh for a really long time! I hope your weekend was everything you wanted it to be. I just wanted to stay in bed, watch movies, take pictures and meet my friends so nothing too crazy. I am in that point in my life where going out doesn't feel good. I rather just stay at home, eat ice cream and watch Notebook. Usually I always loose the track of time, especially if I stay up late watching youtube videos and again waking up afternoon without having a clue what time is it. I don't keep my phone near my bed -- otherwise I would browse on Instagram so I always put my phone on my dining table. 



 photo IMG_0405kopio_zps91d1ce4b.jpg

Hola! I am so happy to say that these pictures are the last one you'll be seeing because for now on, I will be using my new full sensor camera. I will keep my old camera because I use it for vloging, which is way more easier with that camera. 

Lately I have been inspired by soft colors like baby blue and beige, so I decided to create an outfit that has these two colors. I literally love this outfit so much! It is warm, cozy and comfortable but still chic. My new coat from Mango has been an amazing friend for me, and the blue cashmere mixed knit gifted by Cubus has been super warm and cozy for windy days. I truly feel like these type of colors are great way introduce more color to your wardrobe since they are so easy to mix with your wardrobe and they soft down colors like grey and black.



Hey guys! Today I have another beauty related post for you. I tend to always carry makeup bag with me. I always make sure that I have all the essentials with me since you never know if you are going to need them. During weekdays, I tend to wear less makeup so my look is very natural and warm. I collaborated with Yvés Rocher to show you what you can always find from my makeup bag.

One thing I must say before continuing the article, I was so excited to collaborate with YR, since my mother has been their costumer from the 80's and even now, she orders their products. So yeah, it feels pretty amazing to collaborate with a company that me and my mother love so much.

Heippa kaikki! Tänään taas pukkaa kauneuspainotteinen artikkeli. Haluan näyttää teille mitä meikkipussukastani aina löytyy joten laitoimme viisaat päämme yhteen Yves Rocherin kanssa, näyttääksemme mitä sieltä löytyy. Olen todella innoissani että sain tehdä tämän yhteistyön YR kanssa nimittäin äitini on ollut heidän asiakas 80-luvulta asti joten minulla on vahva tunneside kyseiseen brändiin.



Weekend is almost behind but I am okay with that. Right now I am in my bed and try to eat hot chicken soup and green tea as much as I can since I have been feeling cold lately. It has been raining which has been making me so sad since Saturday was all sunny and now the weather is grey and moody. It's incredible how much weather affects on our moods. 

This video is the last one with my collaboration with Oriflame. In this video I showcase their eyeshadow duos which are easy to use. They blend beautifully and the quality is pretty amazing for the price. 

Viikonloppu on melkein takana mikä ei niinkään mieltäni vaivaa. Tällä hetkellä koitan saada oloni paremmaksi kanakeiton ja vihreän teen voimalla sillä oloni on ollut kipeä eilisestä asti. Tänään on vain satanut mikä on saanut oloni harmaaksi sillä lauantaina oli kaunis aurinkoinen päivä. On se hullua miten paljon sää vaikuttaa meidän olotilaan. 

Tämän postauksen video on viimeinen jonka teen yhteistyönä Oriflamen kanssa. Videolla näytän helpon ja nopean tavan luoda neutraali silmämeikki mikä sopii juhlaan ja arkeen. 



Hi guys! I am so excited to write this article because tomorrow, I am getting my new camera whom I would like to call Mr. Mark Canon. I can't wait to share my outfits and things that inspire me with better quality pictures.

Yesterday Morning was really busy for me since I went to several press meetings and in the middle of all that, we took these outfit pictures. I am wearing my new coat which I purchased from Mango and my new top from Nelly.com.

Heippa taas! Mie oon niin innoissani sillä huomenna kotiutan uuden kamerani Herra Mark Canonin uuteen kotiinsa. En malta odottaa että saan jakaa teille parempilaatuisia kuvia.

Eilinen aamupäivä oli mulla todella kiireinen sillä juoksin pressistä toiseen ennen töitä. Ihme kyllä, kerettiin vielä ottamaan asukuvatkin kaiken sen kiireen keskellä. Olen käyttänyt uutta Mangosta ostettua takkia sen ostopäivästä asti. Se on niin tyylikäs ja helppo heittää ylle. Toinen uusi vaate jota olen paljon käyttänyt, on ollut valkoinen toppi jossa lukee meikäläisen lempipäivä. Tilasin sen Nelly.comista ja olen tosi tyytyväinen topin laatuun.



Hey guys! I was supposed to record my first cover during the weekend, but I was feeling so sick that I couldn't. Oh why?! I hope I feel better before next weekend because I really want to share this passion of mine. Although I couldn't share that video with you guys, I still have a video to share with you. I still have few videos left with my collaboration with Oriflame. In this video, I show you, how to get natural looking, gorgeous lashes with their new mascara. Unfortunately, this video is in english, but I am sure you will still get the hook on what I am doing. I hope you guys an awesome week!

Moikka! Mun oli tarkoitus jakaa mun ensimmäinen coveri eilen, mutta en voinut sillä olen ollut flunssainen lauantai-aamusta tähän hetkeen. Nenä on välillä tukkoinen eikä äänen avauksestakaan viikonloppuna tullut yhtään mitään. Toivotaan että olen tulevana viikonloppuna saan purkitettua coverin teille. En malta odottaa että saan jakaa sen asian joka tekee minusta elävän. Vaikka en sitä videota saanut ulos, on minulla teille video jonka tein Oriflamen kanssa. Klikkaa videota nähdäksesi miten sinä voit luoda luonnollisen, tuuheat ripsen heidän uudella mascaralla. Tämä voittaa jopa pari Macin ripsiväriä!



Hey guys! Friday is finally here which means in my case sleeping and sleeping. Weekdays are so busy and because I got to bed so late, weekends are my days for sleeping. I know I should change my sleeping habits, but it's so hard -- 24h for me it's not enough for one day! Today it's time for one of my favorite articles of the month, my favorite products at the moment. Sharing things that I use a lot, gives you an idea what I use and enjoy wearing. I hope you find some new things that you haven't used before. Let met know what is your favorite! I wish you guys an amazing weekend!

On aika taas viikonlopun joka meikäläisen osalta tarkoittaa sitä että saan nukkua. En tiedä miksi, mutta 24h ei riitä mulle vuorokaudessa. Olen nukkunut rikollisen vähän joka yö joten nukkuminen on mun tärkein tehtävä viikonloppuisin. Tiedän että minun pitäisi muuttaa nukkumisrutiinia, mutta helpommin se on sanottu kuin tehty. Nyt on aika yksi mun lempipostauksen, suosikkituotteiden jakaminen. En malta odottaa näiden postausten julkaisemista nimittäin nämä antaa hyvän kuvan siitä mitä käytän rutiininomaisesti. Toivottavasti löydätte jotain uutta ja virkistävää näistä tuotteista. Muistakaa mainita mikä näistä on teidän suosikkinne! Ihanaa viikonloppua murut!



Hi Lovelies! I never realized until now how much Blogger changes the quality of the pictures. Well...maybe one day I will switch to Wordpress. Anyways, the title Glow, has nothing to do with my outfit. I have been listening to song called Glow by Ella Henderson for many hours straight. Agh, I can't get that song out of my head. That song is so brilliant, although the melody does remind me a bit from Princess from China by Coldplay.

About the singing thing I was talking about... on following weekend, I am filming my first cover and I am so excited! I hope my camera quality manage to capture the sound in HD. SO yeah, I can't wait to share the main thing that makes me who I am. 

Hei rakkaat! Tajusin näitä kuvia laitellessa että Blogger muuttaa paljon kuvien laatua kun ne tänne lataa. Ehkä jonain päivänä jaksa siirtyä wordpressiin jos tää alusta alkaa mua pännimään. Tuosta otsikosta sen verran että sillä ei ole mitään yhteyttä päivän asuun. Olen viimeisen parin päivän aikana kuunnellut Ella Hendersonin Glow kappaletta taukoamatta; miten nerokkaasti kirjoitettu ja sävelletty kappale, vaikka melodia muistuttaa hieman Coldplayn Princess of China kappaletta.

Siitä lauluhommasta, josta oli puhetta vähän aikaa sitten...aion tulevana viikonloppuna kuvata/nauhoittaa mun eka coverin! En malta odottaa että saan jakaa sitä mitä rakastan eniten tässä maailmassa. Jos musiikki otettaisiin minulta pois, ei minusta jäisi muuta kuin luuta ja nahkaa. 



Hi guys! Weekend is over, but I don't mind it since I had relaxing weekend. Today I haven't done anything else except watching Youtube videos and eating Ben & Jerry's. It has been raining throughout the whole day so I have been laying on my bed. 

Last Thursday, I was at the Tangle Teezer press meeting which was hold at the British Embassy in Helsinki. It was a really fancy place for a press meeting. There were many bloggers, so I guess dozens of blogs will probably be full of the pictures which were taken from the press meeting so I decided no to post any of those in here. 

Funny thing is that I realized that my full outfit is from Zara! LMFAO! I do have to mention that my jeans, which I bought over a week ago from Zara, are by far the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn. When I tried them on in the fitting room, I knew I would be wearing these jeans all the time so I decided to buy two pair of them. 

Heipparallaa! Anteeksi että välillä mulla jää suomennos mutta on ollut niin kova kiire etten ole kerennyt vain kirjoittamaan. Viikonloppu meni oikein rennosti. Tosin lauantaina oli enemmän toimintaa, kiitos mainion sään. Mulla oli kaverin kanssa tarkoituksena ottaa kuvia sunnuntaina, mutta eipä niiden ottaminen innostanut pätkääkään kun ulkona satoi vettä kuin ämpäristä. 

Olin viime viikon torstaina Tangle Teezerin pressitilaisuudessa mm. Ennin kanssa jossa lanseerattiin uusi muotoiluharja, josta kerron myöhemmin. Pressitilaisuus tapahtui Britannin suurlähetystössä, mikä ei todellakaan ollut hassumpi paikka tilaisuuteen. Päätin olla julkaisematta kuvasaldoa tilaisuudesta sillä uskon monien bloggaajien postailevan tapahtumasta joten en usko että minun ottavat kuvat mitään uutta tuo.

Päivän asuna päädyin todella simppleliin asuyhdistelmään. Tajusin muuten tätä postausta kirjoittaessa että koko asuni (kaulakorua lukuunottamatta) on peräisin Zarasta. No, kerta se on ensimmäinenkin. Täytyy myöntää että päälläni olevat farkkuni ovat olleet todella hyvä ostos. Päädyin ostamaan saman mallin ja värin kaksi paria nimittäin ne sopivat jalkaani niin hyvin ettei yksi pari olisi riittänyt. 



 photo t6_zps4e53117f.jpg

Okay folks. This week has gone by so fast. I have some many things to do. I have many goals in life, and the biggest one of them is singing and song-writing. Since I was three years old, I couldn't keep my mouth shut, and I still can't do it... I played violin for eight years and after quitting it because it was a really expensive hobby back then, I started putting all my energy on singing and acting. Since I was a teenager and bullied at school, my way to escape it, was through music. Writing music is my drug, my addiction, something that I can't stop doing. Because there are many curious readers whom know about this dream of mine, I have been considering adding some singing videos on youtube. I am vocally mezzo-soprano, so my range goes low to high. Oh, and if you have any songs you'd like to hear, let me know! 

I have already planned my future and how I am going to achieve it. It will take patient, hard work and passion. And I want it as bad as I want to breathe. I want all you guys out there also go for your dreams!!!

Today, I am super duper excited to share my obsession which is a trend called tartan. This print is so perfect for fall and for me, the only way to rock it, is with leather. This outfit was so nice to wear because it was comfy, cozy and still stood out from the crowd. I know it pretty simple, I get it. That's why wanted to add some pearls with the outfit, just to make it more girly but still edgy. I have a huge obsession on my pearl accessories. Make sure to get yours too -- I promise you that it will be a hard task for you not to wear them. 



One day I was browsing Instagram and then this one account liked one of my pictures. I went its profile, and then I saw them -- the cutest phone cases I have ever seen. It didn't took long for me to realize that it was a Finnish Company that makes cases for iphones and ipads. They were so nice that they let me choose a case of my taste and it was really hard. I was caught up in the middle between blueberry and blackcurrant. After randomly choosing, I ended up with blackcurrant, and oh boy, I love it so much! I am so proud that my phone is prodected by a Finnish product.

Eräänä päivänä tapoin aikaa Instagramissa kun eräs käyttäjä tykkäsi kuvastani. Kävin kurkkaamassa kuka oli tykkäyksen takana ja sitten näin ne -- maailman suloisimmat puhelinkuoret mitä olen pitkään aikaan nähnyt. Ei vienyt pitkään multa tajuta että kyseessä oli suomalainen yritys joka valmisti kuoria iphonen ja ipadin käyttäjille. He olivat niin suloisia että antoivat minun valita yhden kuoren. Ihastuin suuresti mustikan ja mustaherukan kuoriin joista sitten valitsin jälkimmäisen. Kun sain tuotteen, en voinut muuta kuin jakaa tietoa tästä ihanasta yrityksestä ja kirjoittaa teillekin pientä infoa tästä. Täytyy myöntää että olen niin ylpeä että puhelintani suojelee suomalainen tuote.



Yay! Finally I was able to download my vlog from the London fashion week. I am so excited to show you this because this the first time when I do something like this so hopefully you guys enjoy it! Please let me know how you liked the video. A feedback is appreciated. 

I am still excited about all the things that I was able to experience there and I just want to say how grateful I am for your support. Love you guys. xo



Okay! I knew I was supposed release my vlog from the London Fashion Week but I have some problems with uploading it but hopefully I manage to work things out. Meanwhile, I want to share more about this Color Wow Root Cover Up product, which was the reason why I was at the press meeting the other day. I do not have root growing, but I did find an excellent way to use this product. 

Whenever I am rocking the ponytail, I can't stop looking at my hairline because it's not even as you can see from the picture above. With this product, I was able to do some magic and make my hairline looking good. As you scroll down the pictures, you see me applying generous amount of product on my hairline so it really covers up the light baby hairs etc.

I am so pleased with this product, and because of this, I am able to work my ponytail more often than I did before. This product retails about 35 dollars (27,50e) and it can last over three months, depending on how often you use it. This really saves your money if you have root growing because with this, you can cover the root growing and save your time and money. They have really great range of colors to choose from.



Yay! Tomorrow is the day when I will finally show you the video footage from the fashion week. It literally took a lifetime to edit it. Meaning that I have other things to than just sit in front of my laptop so every time when I had time, I was editing pictures, writing an article or editing and cutting the video footage.

This article is all about the amazing fashion shows (well most of them) that I attended. I was so busy and lost track of time that I even missed a show. But anyways, I really hope you like this pictures and designs as much as I do. It was amazing to see the collections. 



Last week I was at the press meeting for Color WOW - a brand which have had won all the most important beauty awards that there are in US and UK. This product that have had made it possible is called Color Wow Root Cover Up. I was literally blown away when I saw roots getting covered natural way. I will be doing a separated article from this amazing products because it works beautifully. Even though I don't have root growing, I like to use it as a touch up, especially when I have my hair in ponytail.

The press meeting was very pleasant. I ate really delicious breakfast and enjoyed care-free morning. I was at the press meeting with my friend Ronya whom also took the pictures of me after the press meeting.



Finally we can go back to London fashion week. It's crazy how fast time flies by. Sorry for not posting for couple of days -- I have been extremely busy with new projects which have taken most of my time. One of my favorite things at London fashion week was to explore amazing designer and their unique pieces and also capture the some street style pictures for inspiration. Oh gosh, I wish I could have all the bags that I included in this article haha. 

I explore the showroom with my friend Marika and we had lot of fun seeing an amazing pieces. One of my highlights of the fashion week was when I got to know the people behind Moeva London, a luxury swimsuit brand that makes gorgeous swimsuits that celebrities like Nicole Scherzinger, have worn it and the biggest fashion bloggers. I want to talk about Moeva London in the future article little bit more -- they deserve their own article! 

Other favorites from the showroom was MAWI that makes amazing jewelries and clutches. If you want to have a piece of MAWI, CLICK HERE. Also, Absence and Julian Hakes shoes were the show stoppers what came to shoes! Absence made futuristic shaped ankle boots and heels -- you are going to hear more about them on my LFW video which I will be uploading soon. Julian Hakes makes maybe one of the most interesting shoes that I have ever seen. I did remember them from last fashion week but this time I was ready to try the shoes on, and oh boy they were comfortable! They might look oversized and clumsy, but I was so surprised how breathable and flexible it was to walk in them. My feet were literally resting in these shoes and it felt like I wasn't even wearing heels. If you want to have a piece of Julian Hakes amazing shoes, CLICK HERE and get your own pair. 

Other highlights of LFW were, when I met Susie Bubble, whom, by the way is so adorable person. I also got to meet one of my favorite british singers, Paloma Faith and I even ask if I could have one picture (selfie) taken from us. She was so nice and we took a selfie together. That selfie came out a bit blurry, thanks to the low lighting in the runway but it was okay -- I will cherish that picture forever.