Hi folks! I have been super busy and today is not any different. Today is my dear friend's wedding which I'll be shooting with another photographer. I am all excited and happy at the moment. Because I have had no time for bigger article, I wanted you to guys know that the discount code for Daniel Wellington watches is still valid but only today and remember so if you haven't used it yet, do it during the weekend.



Hi guys! Please forgive me for making an article that has lot of content but I try to keep it short and simple. I really wanted to share my skin care routine which works for me during winter. I have to use different products during winter and summer, otherwise my skin would be miserable. It is so important to invest in skin care products because what's the point with the make up if your skin is breaking out and damaged. I rather have healthy looking skin than covering my face with tons of makeup. If you don't know what your skin type is, go to your local Kiehl's skin care boutique, they have a quick way to make sure what your skin type is. It is important to use products that are for your skin type, because something that works for me, may not work for you.



Hi guys! Oh my what a weekend I had! Just relaxing by the candlelight and enjoying some free time. I have so much appreciation for the weekends since my weekdays are so scheduled that I feel like during weekends, I just want to build a castle on my bed and stay there for 48 hours. How do you guys spend your weekend? Do you guys like going out or just open a jar or Ben & Jerry's, and just chill in bed throughout the whole day? I can't rememeber when was the last time that I actually went out and stay out till 4am. 



Hi guys! After getting my M.A.C bag by Rebecca Minkoff, I had to take it for a ride. The bag is so wonderful and I can't put it in words on how happy I am that I have a bag that pretty much has attitude and edge. With the bag, I wanted to wear something super casual but still interesting. It is pretty chilly in Finland so bare feet are not so great idea – only if you want to catch a cold. I paired my new pleather shorts from Zara which I haven't worn by the way. The color and the shape is perfect for any season. I was super excited to find these at Zara since they didn't cost me a fortune. Sometimes Zara overprices their clothes so I was happy to find these for less than 30 euros. With the shorts, I worn my wool knit and camel brown coat from Mango. Because I wanted to keep my feet warm, I took my high boots for a walk which actually match perfectly with this outfit. 



Hi Loves! I am so excited to show you a bag that I have been craving for too long. I know this bag has gone so popular in the bloggers scenes but who cares if the bag is timeless, chic and versatile. If you aren't familiar with this bag, then you must be living under a rock (okay, bad joke, I know). This bag is called M.A.C (Morning Afternoon Clutch). This is the mini version aka the most popular from the sizes that are available. I am so happy that now I have a bag that I can use when I go out. If you saw my glittery clutch in here, I have used it every time when I go out. It doesn't fit much stuff and it's not save to wear it on your shoulder because the strap is so fragile. This bag has it all and it can be worn in many different ways like cross-body, doubled, fanny bag or as a clutch (obviously without the strap).

I ordered this bag from and I was so pleased how fast the delivered this (less than three days). If you live in Europe, you have to pay taxes but they really depend on the weight of the package. If you live other side of Atlantic, ordering from Shopbop is a lot easier. 

I will be doing a review on this bag later on since I have had it only couple of weeks.



Hi Loves! I decided to have a break from the computer for the weekend since I tend to use it every single day. Sometimes you need to have break from it and live a bit. I had so much fun during my weekend. I still can't believe that I am 23 years old! 23 is my lucky number so this is the year when I am  going closer to my dreams and making them come true. 

I am so excited to share this article with you! Last week you already saw a sneak peek from the campaign which I was talking about but today is the day when it all happens. Lumi Accessories asked me to part of their campaign where eight bloggers from Finland got to choose one from the fall collection and shoot it with an outfit of their choice. My choice was this gorgeous muted colored bag which I unfortunately couldn't keep for myself. BUT! Me and you have the chance to get this beautiful piece of fashion with simple rules. 

1. Log in your Facebook.
2. Find my picture and like it.

Yes. So simple. Now the most important part: The picture with most likes wins which means that the winning blogger and one of the voters will be getting this particular bag. I am telling you – this bag is just unbelievable! 



Thank you guys so much for your birthday wishes! I was so happy reading them! 

Aaah, I love the feeling when you get something new to your home. It's just feels so good. Many weeks back I was at the Gant Home press meeting, and I was more than glad to see that I got a chance to pick up a face towel of my choice with a hand wash. What a good timing -- I use hand wash maybe too often so I need to buy it constantly. Let's hope this size of hand wash will last for long time. I am not using hand wash only for washing my hands -- not saying that I am afraid of bacterias. I love using it for something else too. I like filling up the sink with hot water and add some hand wash to make some bubbles. Then I just leave my hands in the hot water for couple of minutes. Especially now that it's cold outside, is nice to come home and do that right away. The feeling is so pleasant for your hands but also for your mind.



I can't believe that I am even saying it aloud but today, 23 years ago, thanks to beautiful mother,  I was born to this earth. Time has flown by so fast, which also scares me. There are many dreams of mine that I am determined to achieve. We only live once, so why not live it fullest? I can't believe that I am 23 -- not saying that I am old or anything, it's just a number that I haven't got to know so well. This day is extremely special for me because today, on the 12th of November, my fashion icon, my inspiration in life, an Oscar winning Hollygood actress and later the Princess of Monaco, Grace Patricia Kelly was born. 

Me and my mother have been huge fans of Grace Kelly for long time. My mother loved her ever since she was a teenager and when I was born I started watching films with Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn, I knew right away that performing something I want to do with my life. It's kind of funny how my mother, after all these years, didn't even realized that me and Grace Kelly were born on the day. She knew it only when I bought a book of Grace Kelly as a Christmas present to her and when we read the basic info, we both were so happy and excited since we both loved her so much. I still watch her movies. She was amazing. 

Another thing that I want to say is that I was so happy and honored to be part of a campaign by Finnish fashion brand, Lumi Accessories. They selected bloggers from Finland to showcase their fall collection. I picked this gorgeous burgundy colored bag named Irina which for me, is the perfect example what shoulder bag should be. Timeless, simple and also great for your wallet. I will talk about this brand later in the future but now I want to let you know that you have the chance to win this gorgeous bag. I will be posting a lot more pictures later so you can really see how amazing this bag truly is. I'll let you know when the campaign starts.

En voi uskoa että tänään, kaunis äitini, synnytti minut tähän maailmaan. Aika on kulunut nopeasti mikä samalla pelottaa minua. Minulla on monia unelmia toteuttamatta jotka päättäväisesti haluan toteuttaa. Jos elämme vain kerran, miksi emme voi elää sen täysillä? On outoa sanoa tästä päivästä lähtien että olen 23-vuotias – vasta äskenhän mien täytin 18 vuotta. En tarkoita sitä että valitan siitä että olen jotenkin vanha. Ei ei ei. 23 on luku johon en ole päässyt vielä tutustumaan niin hyvin. Tämä päivä muuten ei ole vain myös minun juhlapäivä (yllätyspyllätys), nimittäin muoti-ikonini, elämäni inspiraatio, Oscarin voittanut näyttelijär ja myöhemmin Monacon Prinsessa, Grace Patricia Kellyn syntyi myös kyseisenä päivänä.

Minä ja äitini olemme olleet yksiä suurimpia Grace Kellyn faneja vuosien ajan. Äitini on ollu ihailija ihan nuoresta tytöstä asti. Äidilläni on useita kansioita joihin hän on kerännyt kuvia Grace Kellystä ihan näyttelijäurasta siihen kun hänestä kruunattiin Monacon Prinsessa. Kun synnyin, sain nopeasti kuullakin tästä upeasta näyttelijättärestä joka valitettavasti kuoli ennen kuin kerkesin syntyä. Katsoin kaikki hänen elokuvansa ja siitä lähtien, halusin olla kuin hän. Hassua ettei äitini ollut tajunnut meidän syntyneet samana päivänä. Vasta silloin kun ostin Grace Kellyn elämäntarinan, tajusimme sen. Äiti oli niin iloinen ja sanoi että jos olisi teini-ikäisenä tiennyt että synnyttäisi lapsen samana päivänä kuin hänen ikoninsa, ei hän olisi sitä uskonut. 

Toinen asia jonka haluaa jakaa kanssanne liittyy vahvasti yllä olevaan kuvaan. Sain tiedon että suomalainen muotibrändi, Lumi Accessories halusi minut heidän kampanjaansa johon he valitsivat joukon suomalaisia bloggaajia. Olin todella otettu siitä että minut haluttiin kampanjaan jossa suomalainen suunnittelu on vahvassa roolissa. Valitsin heidän syksyn mallistostaan kauniin viininpunaisen ja violetin sävymaailmassa risteytyvän Irina laukun jossa kiteytyy sana täydellinen olkalaukku; ajaton, kaunis, suomalainen. Aion kertoa tästä laukusta ja brändistä myöhemmin lisää mutta nyt haluan kertoa teille miten teillä on mahdollisuus voittaa tämä kyseinen laukku, mutta siitä lisää ensi viikolla. 



I noticed while browsing my pictures that I haven't shared my gala outfit that I wore for Indiedays Blog Awards couple of weeks ago. I didn't have anything to wear since I rather stay at home than go out. One of my favorite stores, Leni, was so wonderful for lent me pieces from their store. This beautiful outfit, which has vest and an amazing pair of flared pants from Julja. I was so excited about the fact how talented and driven we have in Finland that truly deserves an international breakthrough in the fashion industry. If you want to see more clothes from Julja, go to here



I am so excited to use my new camera! Taking pictures feels so fresh for a really long time! I hope your weekend was everything you wanted it to be. I just wanted to stay in bed, watch movies, take pictures and meet my friends so nothing too crazy. I am in that point in my life where going out doesn't feel good. I rather just stay at home, eat ice cream and watch Notebook. Usually I always loose the track of time, especially if I stay up late watching youtube videos and again waking up afternoon without having a clue what time is it. I don't keep my phone near my bed -- otherwise I would browse on Instagram so I always put my phone on my dining table. 



 photo IMG_0405kopio_zps91d1ce4b.jpg

Hola! I am so happy to say that these pictures are the last one you'll be seeing because for now on, I will be using my new full sensor camera. I will keep my old camera because I use it for vloging, which is way more easier with that camera. 

Lately I have been inspired by soft colors like baby blue and beige, so I decided to create an outfit that has these two colors. I literally love this outfit so much! It is warm, cozy and comfortable but still chic. My new coat from Mango has been an amazing friend for me, and the blue cashmere mixed knit gifted by Cubus has been super warm and cozy for windy days. I truly feel like these type of colors are great way introduce more color to your wardrobe since they are so easy to mix with your wardrobe and they soft down colors like grey and black.



Hey guys! Today I have another beauty related post for you. I tend to always carry makeup bag with me. I always make sure that I have all the essentials with me since you never know if you are going to need them. During weekdays, I tend to wear less makeup so my look is very natural and warm. I collaborated with Yvés Rocher to show you what you can always find from my makeup bag.

One thing I must say before continuing the article, I was so excited to collaborate with YR, since my mother has been their costumer from the 80's and even now, she orders their products. So yeah, it feels pretty amazing to collaborate with a company that me and my mother love so much.

Heippa kaikki! Tänään taas pukkaa kauneuspainotteinen artikkeli. Haluan näyttää teille mitä meikkipussukastani aina löytyy joten laitoimme viisaat päämme yhteen Yves Rocherin kanssa, näyttääksemme mitä sieltä löytyy. Olen todella innoissani että sain tehdä tämän yhteistyön YR kanssa nimittäin äitini on ollut heidän asiakas 80-luvulta asti joten minulla on vahva tunneside kyseiseen brändiin.



Weekend is almost behind but I am okay with that. Right now I am in my bed and try to eat hot chicken soup and green tea as much as I can since I have been feeling cold lately. It has been raining which has been making me so sad since Saturday was all sunny and now the weather is grey and moody. It's incredible how much weather affects on our moods. 

This video is the last one with my collaboration with Oriflame. In this video I showcase their eyeshadow duos which are easy to use. They blend beautifully and the quality is pretty amazing for the price. 

Viikonloppu on melkein takana mikä ei niinkään mieltäni vaivaa. Tällä hetkellä koitan saada oloni paremmaksi kanakeiton ja vihreän teen voimalla sillä oloni on ollut kipeä eilisestä asti. Tänään on vain satanut mikä on saanut oloni harmaaksi sillä lauantaina oli kaunis aurinkoinen päivä. On se hullua miten paljon sää vaikuttaa meidän olotilaan. 

Tämän postauksen video on viimeinen jonka teen yhteistyönä Oriflamen kanssa. Videolla näytän helpon ja nopean tavan luoda neutraali silmämeikki mikä sopii juhlaan ja arkeen.