On the day when we went to Christmas church with my family, it was a beautiful, sunny day. I wanted to wear colors that were down to earth. My skirt from Zara just has the gorgeous Pucci-ish effect which makes the outfit so polished and chic. My mother was a rock star while taking these pictures since it was so cold outside.



I was so excited that the day before Christmas, we were lucky to have lot of snow on the ground. Snow for me is the key when it comes to Christmas or winter. It is sad because of the global warming, winter has been really snowless in Finland. When it comes winter, my outwear is all about faux fur or very chunky coats. This faux fur coat is one of my favorites, and if I had to choose one coat for winter, this would be it. I also love pairing my faux fur hat since it matches really well with the coat. 

Now that I have my beloved Alma, I feel like my every outfit looks more luxurious and effortless. I love it more and more everyday. It is crazy how one bag can make a huge difference on your outfits. 



Hey guys! Just wanted to come and say merry Christmas to you all! I hope you all will have an amazing time with your family, friends and loved ones. I am just about to go eat some traditional Christmas food so I can't write too long article for you guys. Today is the day when browsing online isn't your priority. Now it's time to enjoy the company of your family and cherish that you are all gathered together.

Halusin tulla toivottelemaan hyvää Joulua kaikille. Mie toivon että jokainen siellä viettää Joulua hyvillä mielin perheen voimin. Mie olen juuri menossa syömään jouluruokaa, en siis todellakaan malta odottaa että saan ahdattua masuni täyteen ruokaa. Jihuu! Nyt on aika nauttia perheen seurasta eikä surffailla koneella. Tämän enempää en kirjoitakaan sillä haluan nauttia hetkistä joita voimme perheenä pitää. 



I wash my hair every third-fourth day. Yes, for some of you, it may sound gross but my hair doesn't get oily so fast. How I make sure it won't, is thanks to this baby here, the dry shampoo. This future hubby (yes, I am in love with him), is a dry shampoo like no other. It really keeps my hair fresh even after three days of washing my hair. Just to be clear, I was my skin every other day but hair is different. :D Let me know what dry shampoos you are using!




Sorry for that I haven't been posting any outfit pictures for a while. I have been busy, my friends have been busy so it has been hard to take any outfit pictures but I won't stress about it since so many bloggers struggle with the same situation. After girls night out on last Saturday, my friend was so kind and lovely to take some outfit pictures of me on Sunday. It was her first time using DSLR and I am seriously so proud of her! I had to take my Alma for a walk because it was a pretty day outside. Spending time in sunlight or any other weather than cold rain, is luxury since we don't get any daylight really because it get dark so quickly. 



I am so excited and proud at the same time. My first ever Louis Vuitton bag. The bag that I have wanted for four years. I must say, spending money on luxury bags isn't my cup of tea. Something that costs more than someones paycheck doesn't just happen fall in your hands with a snap of a finger. 

Let me introduce her. Her name is Alma. She is in size PM vernis leather. The color is amarante. She is pre owned but used only ten times which is fine by me, since I saved a lot of money. I think bags that are pre owned, can be more fascinating because they have had a different adventure before their new owner. I know that people say that you should go and by your first luxury bag from the boutique so you get the full experience.

You know what I say? I don't care. If I can save money and spend that on something else, of course I will buy it pre owned!! I took it to Louis Vuitton in Helsinki and the congratulated me for having this bag for such a good price because you can barely see if the bag is used or not. 



Okay. Let's just say that Christmas came early for me. 
I let you guess what Louis Vuitton I bought.



I totally forgot to share my outfit that I wore on November. This is what happens if you don't clean your Macbook on every other day. Me and my friend Ronya were excited to have a beautiful sunset for this pictures. It was a pretty cold day but thanks to really thick stockings and long coat, I manage to survive in this outfit. I usually don't wear so girly outfits but for the sake that it was my birthday, I though it would be fun to try something new.

Olen unohtanut jakaa teille asukuvat marraskuun puolelta. Näin siinä käy jos Macbookia ei jaksa siivota. Mie ja minun ystävä Ronya, olimme iloisia että saimme näihin kuviin käytettyä auringonlaskua. Varsinkin kaamosaikaan, tällaiset kuvat ovat harvinaista herkkua. Tuo päivä oli aika viileä päivä mutta paksut sukkahousut ja takki pelasti meikäläisen jäätymiseltä. En tiedä miksi päädyin moiseen asuun – harvemmin tulee laitettua näin tyttömäistä päälle. Ehkä syntymäpäiväni oli tarpeeksi hyvä syy uuden hameen fiilistelyyn. 



I need to have a moment for these shoes. For the longest time, I have been a huge fan of Alexander Wang. When I found out that H&M was teaming up with Wang, I was so excited. When I saw the lookbook for the collection, these shoes were on my mind. These shoes reminds me of Wang's Freja boots, boots that I wanted to own but were sold out in 0,000001 seconds. I am so happy that now I have shoes that remind me of Freja boots. 

Wang. Mitä siihen sanoa? Olen ollut Alexander Wangin suuri fani jo neljän vuoden ajan. Muistan se kuin eilisen kun Wangin Freja bootsit tuli markkinoille ja ne myytiin loppuun 0,000001 sekunnissa. Kun kuulin että H&M aikoi tehdä malliston Wangin kanssa, hyvä ettei mun sydän tippunut sillä tiesin että tulisimme näkemään jotain ainutlaatuista. Siinä vaiheessa kun näin lookbookin, tiesin että halusin kengät jotka muistuttivat minua Freja bootseista.



Last week, I went to a blogger meeting at Ur&Penn store where we got a chance to choose something to take home. I have been a huge fan of phone cases. This phone case is my current one that I am obsessed about!! I also picked some earrings because I have started to use them more often, thanks to these.

Kävin viime viikolla Ur&Penn liikkeen bloggaajatapahtumassa jossa saatiin iloksemme valita hieman kotiin vietävää. Meikäläisellä on ollut suuri riippuvaisuus puhelinkuoriin sillä niillä saa uutta eloa puhelimen käyttöön. Olen myös alkanut näiden korviksien myötä käyttämään enemmän korviksia sillä niillä on helppo saada asuun pientä särmää.



Hahaa! I was so interested to hear your opinion about the Crocs! Some people were surpised how Crocs actually managed to make shoes look great and others were just confused. I am still excited about these shoes and I highly recommend them because they really do great things for your feet.

I wanted to wear the shoes with something very casual and paid back. Because the shoes are sporty and casual, I paired blue jeans, grey shirt and my favorite coat at the moment to make the outfit complete. Of course I had to wear my new Rebecca Minkoff bag with the outfit, it really just add the perfect touch to the outfit.



Okay folks. I had to show you these shoes from a brand that I never though I would wear. Crocs. Yes, Crocs. I can't believe that they came up a pair of shoes that are seriously the most comfortable shoes you can imagine. I could literally wear these shoes for the rest of my life, and you know what? My toes aren't freezing while wearing these shoes outside. These shoes are like mix of Vans and Nike, don't you think? This shoes flexes, stretches and fits perfectly! I must say, this is definitely the first time when I am proud to say that I am wearing Crocs. 

Okei. Mun oli pakko tehdä tämä postaus sillä yllätyin suuresti että Crocs on valmistanut nämä loaferit. Jep, Crocs! Mä muistan vannoneeni etten koskaan pukisi kumisandaaleja jalkoihini, mutta he keksivätkin maailman mukavimmat loaferit mitä olen koskaan käyttänyt. Ja arvatkaapas mitä? Meikäläisen varpaat eivät ole jäänyneet ulkona näitä käyttäessä?!?!? Nämä loaferit antaa periksi ja sopivat jalkaani täydellisesti. Nämä ovat kuin miksaus Vansin ja Niken tuotantoa, vai mitä? Voin myöntää tässä ja heti, että olen ylpeä näistä kengistä!




Hi folks! What a weekend may I say? The wedding was so beautiful! It was really private party, only closest people were celebrating their marriage. I felt really privileged to be there and witnessing their love for each other. On Sunday, I just wanted to stay at home and do absolutely nothing. I slept till 12pm and then I started cleaning my apartment and singing along to Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez.

Do you guys remember my M.A.C purse? Well, it wasn't the only bag I ordered from Shopbop. This little, grey purse of happiness is Quilted Affair mini, which by the way is the cutest bag ever. It has a nice Chanel-ish vibe with Rebecca Minkoff's vision for her bags. I wanted to have a sort grey bag since I believe that grey just goes well with everything. I have been using this a lot and because this and the another bag have two different personalities, it is nice to mix the bag because they bring the outfits alive totally different ways.