Hi guys! I hope you guys are feeling great! Weekend is finally here, which means we can give time for ourselves and just relax so we have a new feeling and energy for February! It's crazy how this month actually went by! For me, February is all about expressing myself even further. Dreaming is okay, but making them come true is another thing so you really have to work hard for what you want.

One thing that I have to share with you that is almost coming a problem for me, is that I get super tired around 6-8PM and what I do is that I sleep. HUGE MISTAKE HEIDI!!! Like the same thing happened to me yesterday. I fell asleep around 7PM and woke up around 10PM. Is there anyone whom has this same problem. I should be in bed but no, here I am writing an article in the middle of the night. I do have to say that I get really inspired in the night time. Weather it comes to blogging, cleaning, song-writing, it happens after midnight. Yep, it is a habit of mine that isn't the best one but I can't help it.

So yeah, let me know if you have experience of these so I know I am not the only one.



So you guys know those days when you just don't have NOTHING to wear? Haha, I feel you girl because one day, I was so tired to even think what to wear, I took a step back and chose really casual outfit. So casual that I might never wear it again. One of the best things in fashion is that you can use your imagination to create amazing outfits but on that one day, I just gave up. 

This outfit has so strange colors together: blue, taupe, lilac, black and bright lips. Well, these colors made this outfit really interesting. You see, I like to keep my outfit pretty simple with an edge. With this outfit, I just took I was able to find so I didn't had to go outside naked. 

P.s I have to give credits to my dear friend Juuli, who actually used a DSLR for the first time. I am so impressed! :)



I totally forgot to show a birthday present that I got from Lumi last year. My camera is so full with photos that thank God I found these pictures because this bag is pure magic. I have been a fan of LUMI bags for a long time and I was so happy when they asked me to be part of their Lumi Campaign, and then I got this as a birthday present. I have wanted a royal blue bag for a quite sometimes but it has been hard to look out for the timeless bag for a color like that. This color will look 
AH-MAZINGGGGG with beige, grey, nude, burgundy, you name it. :)



It took me forever to write about Berlin. A lot of things happened there but before I go talk about those, I want to show to an outfit that we shot at Friedrichstrasse. I met this girl on Instagram because we both were in Berlin so we decided to take outfit pictures of each other. It was nice to have different backround behind because I was getting bored with Helsinki. We took these photos in front of Zara, which had these huge windows that had really good lighting.

For my outfit, I was wearing two new items that I bought from Zara. The brown knit and a new faux fur coat. This coat, omg, is so wonderful and it look amazing with my Alma. The coat was on sale for under 40e and the knit was too for under 15e. I was really excited because I don't remember seeing these back in our Zara in Helsinki. It seems like the collection maybe quite different in every country.



Hello guys! Sorry for not posting for few days but I have been busy and when I get home, I am ready to pass out haha. Right now I am writing this article from Berlin. Berlin. Wow, never thought I would see Berlin with my bare eyes. I have always dreamt of coming here and it is pretty crazy that I am actually here. This all was thanks to the amazing team behind Stylight whom invited me to be part of Berlin Fashion Week and Stylight Fashion Influencer Awards 2015. Today is a busy day because I have meetings before the Awards. Last night, I took a little stroll around Berlin and went to see the Brandenburg Gate. I have always wanted to see it in the night because the lights look amazing. 

Aah, zipping cup of coffee and just staring at it. Perfect moment, if you ask me. It was so inspiring to walk around Berlin in the night. It might sound scary, but I only walked where there were people. I even went to this book store which was open till midnight and bought a book, which I might show you later. During the meeting, I am heading to take some outfit pictures and do some shopping. Not sure if the sales here are same as in Finland but let's hope that the discounts are better. Especially Zara knows how to cheats their costumers. Sometimes I end up laughing at the fact that they have discount of 2-5 euros which for me, isn't a bargain. 

Hellou Berliinistä! Anteeksi etten ole pariin päivään postaillut. Olen ollut tosi kiireinen, ja kun pääsen kotiin, olen rätti ja räsähdän sänkyyn. Tällä hetkellä kirjoittelen tätä artikkelia Euroopan sydämestä, Berliinistä. Berliini, en ikinä kuvitellut pääseväni näkemään edes vilauksen kyseisestä kaupungista. Olin koulusta asti kiinnostunut Saksan historiasta ja unelmoin aina pääseväni näkemään Berliinin ja sen kultturia ja historiaa. Tämä kokemus ei olisi ollut mitään ilman mahtavaa tiimiä Stylightin takana jotka kutsuivat minut osaksi Berliinin muotiviikkoja ja Stylight Fashion Influencer Awards gaalaa. Tänään olen valmis moneen; tapaamisia, asukuvien ottoa, pientä shoppailua ja illalla gaala. 

Viime illalla kävelin ympäri Berliiniä, ja ihastelin Brandenburg Gatea kahvia siemaillen. Täydellinen hetki, saaneen sanoa. Oli todella inspiroivaa kävellä sillä kaupunki on katuvalojen valaistuksessa todella kaunis ja lumoava. Kävin kävelyn myötä myös musiikki- ja kirjakaupassa joka oli todella myöhään auki. Kävin ostamassa sieltä kirjan, jonka saatan näyttää vilauksella myös blogin puolella. 
Huomenna siis kaiken hulinan keskellä ajattelin käydä Zaran alessa. En tiedä ollenkaan onko siellä samanlaiset alennukset kuin Suomessa sillä Suomessa alennukset ovat aluksi semmoista huijausta ettei siinä mitään säästä haha. Melkeinpä pitää ihan loppualeen asti odottaa että alennusprosenteissa olisi mitään järkeä.



Thanks for your comments on my previous article! You guys are amazing and I want to thank you for making me smile! I gave you guys a little hint on what perfume I bought while I was at Stockmann. Well,  of course it was Guerlain's La Petite Robe Noire, which means little black dress in french, was the perfume I have wanted for sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long. I remember when my dear friend Marika told me that this perfume would be the perfume for me.

This perfume was almost 100e which I think is INSANE!!!!!! Do you know how much food you can buy with that money? Luckily I had a gift card to spend on it. I was really excited to have this! You might assume that for me, 100e for a perfume isn't expensive because I bought a Louis Vuitton. Well, a bag is totally different thing compared to a perfume. So yeah, so glad that I didn't have to put my money on this. That actually brings the question; How much are you willing to pay for a perfume?

P.s I randomly selected the winner for the caseapp giveaway. Over 200 took part to the giveaway – thank you so much for entering! Caseapp will be contacted to the winner.



When the weather is windy and full of snow, I always go for simple garment options. When the sea wind blows like crazy, you want to wear comfortable clothes that keeps you warm but at the same time chic. It seems to me that whatever I wear, it look better with my Alma. Haha, so funny how this bag has turned my outfit more luxurious than before. On that day when I wore this, I saw my friend Sharon since it has been sometime when I saw her last time. She moved to new area of Helsinki which I adore and we just had nice afternoon drinking some lemon ginger tea and talking about what has been happening. After that, I went to Stockmann to get a new fragrance. I will show it later to you. I will give you a little hint: The name of the perfume is included my blog's name. 



I don't know why but I seem to have pretty good phone case collection. I like chancing my case pretty often, depending on my mood, but it's fun! This pretty fine is from Madotta, and their variations on cases is unbelievable! I had really tough time to pick a case since they had so many awesome cases and their instagram is filled with awesome cases! I have been using this case so quite some time, especially with my favorite Daniel Wellington watch. They pretty much go hand in hand because they have that sailor theme going on.



When I was spending a part of my holidays back in Eastern of Finland, I was so happy to go to see my grandparents. One of the best parts coming to see my grandparents are my cat whom moved here since she had no other place to live anymore. I missed her so much and I was so glad to see her. Another reason why I love coming to countyside is my grandfather's horses. Tuutor, is this fellow whom should be a model for a horse magazine – I mean, this horse can really pose on camera!! 

Because during the time I spent there was freeeeeeeezing COLD, I had to take my Sorel boots with me, which I haven't by the way showed on my blog before. The winter has been so miserable and now that we finally got lot of snow, I was excited to wear them since they are so warm and comfortable. My coat, gifted by Cubus has been a life-saver because it has been keeping me warm. 



Caseapp was so nice to send me some face lifts for my phone and my macbook air. I have never tried anything like this for my laptop but I have to say that marble skin case looks great on it. I was lucky to design my own phone case so I had to make a case of one of my favorite artists, Taylor Swift. 

If you want to win a case or a skin, make sure to leave your name and email address on the comments. I will randomly pick the winner on 15th of January.

Caseapp halusi lähettää minulle pientä iloa joten sain valita kuoren puhelimeeni ja tarrakuoren koneelleni. Olen todella tyytyväinen siihen mitä marmori kuori sai aikaiseksi. Koneen kansi on vuosien saatossa saanut pintaansa naarmuja joten kuoren ansiosta se näyttää kuin uudelta. Olen fiiliksissä siitä että puhelimeen on saatavina erilaisia kuoria. Nyt oli pakko suunnitella kuori yhdestä suosikkiartististani, Taylor Swiftistä. Rakastan kyseistä kuorta ja parasta on se että tätä kuorta ei tule jokaisella vastaan.

Jos sie haluat voittaa joko tarrakuoren tai kuoren puhelimeesi, heitä kommenttiboksiin nimesi ja emailisi niin olet arvonnassa mukana. Tulen paljastamaan voittajan 15. päivä tammikuuta.