Hi guys! Usually on Sundays, I am doing most of my blogging for next week but after what happened on Friday, it was hard to focus on anything. Luckily all my friends are safe in Paris, which I am so grateful for! Yesterday, we went to Hillsong Church which really made feel safe about everything. The preach was about fears and how we should break out from it because it is a lie and we shouldn't let it control us. 

What comes to today's post, I wanted to open my November Glossybox with you guys! I love getting these boxes because it feels like Christmas every month. 

Heippa ihanat! Normaalista teen blogitöitäni sunnuntaisin, mutta en voinut niihin keskittyä viime tapahtumien takia. Lauantai oli tunteellista vuoristorataa, sillä halusin tietää että kaikki ystäväni olivat turvassa Pariisissa. Kiittääkseni Herraa että ystäväni olivat turvassa, menimme ystävieni kanssa Hillsong kirkkoon jossa olo oli turvallinen ja vapaa. Siellä kerrottiin peloista ja siitä miten emme saisi niiden kontrolloida meitä. 

Mitä tulee tämän päivän postaukseen, halusin avata marraskuun Glossyboxin teidän kanssa. Se tunne kun boksi saapuu kerran kuukaudessa – tuntuu kuin kokisi Joulun joka kuukausi.


  1. Happy to hear all ur loved ones in Paris are remaining safe !
    And u are sooooo lucky to have got that nude makeup palette... Colors look so soft !
    I've got the silver + black and white one, I'm so sad cause it just doesn't match my skin tone :'(
    Well after all that poor complaining LOL stay safe and have a great day :) xx

    1. I am so happy too! Was there another option as well? Oh, luckily I got this one – I would've not used the other one because the colors aren't that practical but maybe you can use them for going out or other special occasions? :) xx

  2. I was disturbed too! But feeling better now, the mua palette is great!


Thank you so much for your comment! xx